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  • 19 Dec 2023 10:47 PM | Olivier Ceberio (Administrator)

    Bamboo Maru, a new global kendo community platform, proudly announces its inaugural initiative, the "Traveler Shinai Access" program. Aimed at supporting traveling kendo practitioners, this program facilitates easy access to shinai at participating dojos worldwide.

    Designed to ease the challenges of transporting kendo gear, Traveler Shinai Access strengthens global kendo connections by enabling practitioners to continue training seamlessly while traveling. In a spirit of community support, Bamboo Maru encourages participants to support host dojos through the purchase of dojo-specific merchandise, aiding their fundraising efforts.

    Check here for details on participating in this innovative program.


Bamboo Maru is an early-stage organization with no status, at the moment, testing a proof of concept. 

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