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At Bamboo Maru, we are at an exciting juncture in our journey. While we greatly appreciate your interest in contributing to our mission, we want to share that during our current planning phase, we are not accepting cash donations.

Instead, we are eager to invite contributions in the form of support and content. Your expertise, ideas, and collaboration are invaluable to us as we shape the future of our organization. Whether you can offer your time, skills, or unique perspectives, your involvement can make a significant difference.

We believe that every individual has something special to contribute, and your input can help us create a more vibrant and impactful organization. Stay tuned for opportunities to get involved, share your insights, and join us in this exciting phase of growth. Together, we can achieve remarkable things. Thank you for considering how you can be a part of our journey.


You can contribute to Bamboo Maru in various meaningful ways without making cash donations. Your unique skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm can make a significant impact. You can contribute by creating valuable content, sharing your expertise through articles or blog posts, and participating in discussions by leaving insightful comments. If you have experience in design, you can help enhance our visual appeal with graphics or artwork. Additionally, we welcome contributions in the form of time and effort, such as volunteering to assist with website maintenance, technical support, or community engagement. Your engagement and involvement are what make our online community vibrant and dynamic, and we truly appreciate your contributions in any non-monetary form. Together, we can build something remarkable.

Bamboo Maru is an early-stage organization with no status, at the moment, testing a proof of concept. 

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