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Welcome to BAMBOO MARU

  • Connecting Kendo Enthusiasts Globally.
  • Fostering Community and Knowledge Exchange.
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Find dojos and kendo events worldwide, discover training opportunities and participate in global kendo activities. 


Engage in enriching exchanges of knowledge and experience with fellow members, seek advice and ask questions to deepen your understanding, and foster personal connections that extend beyond the boundaries of your local dojo.


Showcase your dojo, your blog, your business, or your organization within our community network, enabling authentic, non-commercial exposure and connection within the kendo world.


At Bamboo Maru, our philosophy is rooted in the pioneering spirit of experimentation. We envision a global community where kendo practitioners, organizations, partners, and friends come together, not just to connect, but to create a self-sustaining ecosystem enriched by these very connections. Our aim is to build a sustainable and affordable platform that stands as a beacon of safety, inclusivity, and care. By fostering an environment where every member feels valued and supported, we strive to ensure that the essence of kendo — respect, honor, and discipline — is mirrored in every aspect of our community. In this endeavor, we are not just cultivating a network; we are nurturing a family that grows stronger and more vibrant with each new connection.


As Bamboo Maru continues to grow, we invite each one of you to be an active part of our journey. Your support is crucial in shaping our community and spreading the spirit of kendo far and wide. While we do not seek financial donations at this stage, your contributions in other forms are invaluable to us.

ξ˜– Contribute Your Creativity: Share your kendo experiences and insights by crafting content for our blog, or by capturing and submitting inspiring kendo photographs. Your stories and perspectives are the lifeblood of our community.

ξ˜– Expand Our Network: Help us connect with more dojos and practitioners within your network. Your outreach can bring new members into our fold, enriching our community with diverse experiences and practices.

ξ˜– Volunteer Your Time: If you have skills in web development, design, content writing, or community management, consider volunteering with us. Your expertise can help enhance our platform and services.

Your involvement, be it big or small, is what drives Bamboo Maru forward. Together, let’s build a space that celebrates kendo in its truest form and fosters a global family of passionate practitioners.

About US

At Bamboo Maru, we believe in the strength of connection. Our platform is dedicated to bringing together kendo practitioners, dojos, and enthusiasts from all corners of the world.

We aim to create a vibrant, interactive network where ideas, skills, and experiences are shared freely, fostering a global kendo community that transcends geographical boundaries.


At Bamboo Maru, we welcome and encourage our community members to contribute to our blog or to our forum, sharing insights and experiences related to Kendo and its affiliated practices. If you wish to submit a blog post, please first send us your entry. Upon review and acceptance, you will be included in our group of blog writers, granting you the privilege to post additional entries in the future. This group will also have review future entry.

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Currently, we're in the planning phase, where we're diligently charting our course for the future. This crucial stage lays the foundation for our upcoming projects, endeavors, and initiatives. We're committed to transparency and keeping our community informed every step of the way. Stay tuned for updates as we work diligently behind the scenes to bring our vision to life and create a brighter tomorrow for all.


If you're inspired to support us, we welcome you to explore different ways to contribute. CONTACT US to learn more about how you can be involved.

Bamboo Maru Donation Tracker

As we navigate through our pilot stage, Bamboo Maru is not seeking cash donations. Instead, our strength lies in the diverse contributions of time, skills, and resources from our members.
Goal: $2,000.00
Collected: $0.00

Bamboo Maru is an early-stage organization with no status, at the moment, testing a proof of concept. 


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